Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Cruising Carpet

 My friend, Frances travels all over the world. She started photographing the carpet in hotels this past year and sharing the pictures on her blog. I thought that was a great idea. You never know what interesting things you might find beneath your feet. Perhaps inspiration for a new quilt? I recently took a 16 day cruise through the Panama Canal and decided to document the carpeting aboard the Norwegian Jewel.

 The best carpeting was found in the stateroom passageways. Notice the fish - they always swam toward the front of the ship making it so much easier to determine which direction you wanted to travel. Clever, eh?

 Unfortunately my choice of ugliest carpeting was found in our suite. What do you think? Here are some more examples to inspire you.

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Anonymous said...

Quite a nice variety of designs. I didn't find any of them particularly ugly, some of the colorways were not in my usual box of crayons.