Saturday, December 29, 2012

Quilters Slidelock Saves The Day

I just have to share one of my Christmas presents with you: The Quilters Slidelock ( I am not affiliated with the company in any way but I just love their product even though I have only owned it for a few days. Using this tool you will never again worry about your rotary ruler slipping and ruining your cut. There are grippers underneath the tool which hold it and the fabric in place as you cut. It is a two step process: first you measure the width of your fabric that you wish to cut with your rotary ruler. Since I am right handed, I would measure the size of the strip along the right hand edge of the fabric (after squaring it up of course). Next place the slide lock against the edge of the ruler and press down. Remove the ruler and cut the strip. I know that it sounds a bit complicated and there is an extra step but it is surprising how quickly you catch on to the process and how quickly the cuts can be made. It sure decreases the amount of waste fabric due to wobbly cuts. The slide lock comes in 2 sizes: 14 inch and 24 inch. I got the 24 inch.

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