Monday, July 4, 2011

Made in America

The following statistics appeared in a newsletter from Checker Distributors. They supply sewing notions, patterns and books on a wholesale basis and are marking their products made in America with a little American flag symbol. I am not surprised but I am dismayed at the results. With apologies to our Canadian, Mexican, Central and South American friends who are American as well, we need to buy "American" when possible if we are going to put our citizens back to work but it seems to be getting increasingly difficult to do so.  I have however been heartened recently by the decision of several companies to return their call centers to this country. I have also heard of some manufacturing which has been brought back home.

A.) 97% of all Patterns are made in America                      
B.) 69% of all Zippers are made in America                                    
C.) 56% of all Gifts are made in America
D.) 51% of all Books are made in America
E.) 48% of all Crafts are made in America
F.) 42% of all Notions are made in America
G.) Only 7% of our Threads are made in America
H.) Only 1% of our Fabrics are made in Amerca

This morning on the Today show, they asked some of the questions that appear on the exam for Naturalized citizens. I think that they know more about this country than most of us do.

Some things to think about on our Nation's  235th birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA!


norma said...

Sad, but true. GMA recently ran a series called Made In America. They used a young family as an example and took everything out of their home that was made out of country. There was hardly anything left. Then they replaced everything with items made in this country, but it wasn't easy.

francyne said...

I would have liked to have seen that GMA piece. It is a sad commentary on what we have allowed to happen to this country.