Sunday, May 8, 2011

Honor those UFO's (and I don't mean unidentified flying objects)

I am determined to finish some of my UFO's. Now I realize that not all unfinished projects need to be completed. Some projects are only samples or practice pieces to try a new technique or color combination while others just don't satisfy our creative muse. Nonetheless I plan to quilt two completed quilt tops this summer. One of the tops is an I Spy quilt that will be fun for my grandchildren to play with when they come to visit. The other quilt is my interpretation of an Amish square in a square.

I was rather nonplused to discover that neither quilt met my normal standards. How could this be? I don't do such a poor job of cutting, piecing and pressing. When were these quilts made? Could it possibly be ten years ago or more? I proceeded to layer and spray baste them along with a third recently completed top while contemplating my surprise. I will find a use for these poorly constructed quilts while rejoicing in the knowledge that I have come a long way in the past ten years toward perfecting my quilting skills. I challenge all of you to get out your UFO's to see how far your skills have progressed.

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